York Art Gallery

York Art Gallery hosts an inspiring collection of different art forms, from ceramics and glassware, to paintings and pottery.

The gallery has an impressive collection of over 1000 paintings with a particular focus on the works of Italian, French, and Dutch painters. Their collection of Twentieth Century pottery is made up of an incredible 5000+ pieces and showcases some of the world’s best ceramic art. The ceramics collection also contains Yorkshire pottery dated back to the 1600s!


The Bar Convent

The Bar Convent is a hidden gem of York’s history. Founded by Mother Bedingfield in 1686, a time when the Catholic faith was outlawed and practising it was punishable by death, The Bar Convent was an illegal Catholic convent.

The community of sisters at Bar Convent risked their lives to run a secret girls’ school. Today, Bar Convent is open to all and you can learn of its remarkable history through their exhibition.


York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum recreates hundreds of years of our city’s history under one roof; its interactive galleries create a truly immersive experience. The museum also holds thousands of historical objects that really bring Yorks’ history to life!


Gregorian Chant at the York Oratory

Experience the beauty of sacred music at the York Oratory, just in front of The Minster. The Oratory’s Schola sings Gregorian Chant at 12 noon for Sunday Mass. 

It is completely free to attend and a brilliant opportunity to hear this rich, traditional liturgical music. The Schola sing the works of composers such as Palestrina and Mozart. You may also hear the peal of ten bells in St Wilfrid’s tower, rung by an enthusiastic band of volunteer bellringers!


Yorkshire Museum & Gardens

The Yorkshire Museum houses a collection of archaeological and geological artefacts, showcases York’s history, including the prehistoric, Roman, and medieval. 

Particular highlights are a genuine Roman mosaic floor, the Middleham jewel (a medieval treasure) and the remains of a Jurassic ichthyosaur.


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