Ask God to show you His will and for the grace to follow it. You may find it helpful to acquire a simple Catholic prayer book. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure how to pray; start trying to pray and the rest will follow.

Come to Mass

You are very welcome to attend anything happening in any of our churches. You cannot yet receive Holy Communion, but you can receive a blessing; simply kneel at the altar rails and cross your arms over your chest.

Make contact with one of the Fathers

You can speak to any of the Fathers after Mass and they can arrange to meet with you to explore your questions and guide you along the path to becoming a Catholic. Remember, no question is too silly to ask.

Meet regularly

A priest will meet with you regularly and together you can explore the teachings of the Catholic Church. Don’t worry if you don’t understand everything at first; to be Catholic you simply have to put your trust in Christ and His Church. This period of preparation usually takes a few months, but this can vary.

Make some Catholic friends

It’s easy to get to know some of our community by coming to any of our groups, for example the Newman Group for young adults, Talking Heads, or our Bible study group. Alternatively, come along to refreshments after Mass. You can ask your priest to make some introductions.

Choose a sponsor

A sponsor is like a godparent – a Catholic friend to support and pray for you. They will present you when you are received into the Church. The priest instructing you can help you to find a sponsor.

Ask to be received

When you are ready, you will sign a form asking to become a Catholic. If you are not already baptised, then you will receive baptism. You will make a first confession, receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, and then receive Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time. 

That’s only the beginning

Every day we are invited to be converted; for every Catholic our journey of faith is a life-long process of growth and a deepening of our relationship with Jesus. The goal for all of us is to reach the perfect joy of heaven, and that’s why the Lord invites you: “Come and see!”

‘To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.’

St John Henry Newman

Recommended resources

If you are starting out on your journey, these resources may help you explore the Catholic faith:

Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire

EWTN (The Eternal Word Television Network)

Catholic Answers

Fr Mike Schmitz, Ascension Presents

Meet the Oratorians

Get to know the fathers and brothers of The York Oratory.

Get in touch

If you want to enquire about becoming Catholic at The York Oratory, we would love to hear from you.