A community life

We live in community, eating and praying together. Although we do not take vows, we state our intention to stay here, in The York Oratory, until death. We have a saying that a Father of the Oratory should die in one of three wooden places: the predella in front of the altar, in the confessional, or in the pulpit. These three wooden places tell you the structure of our lives.

Truth, goodness & beauty

We try to celebrate the Church’s liturgy with reverence and due solemnity, using all that is good, true and beautiful to bring people to God. Music is especially important in our tradition, since St Philip Neri used music to attract others and was friends with great figures, such as Palestrina and Animuccia. Their music is still heard in our church today.

A heart for forgiveness

Our founder, St Philip Neri, heard hundreds of confessions every day and so the opportunity for forgiveness through the Sacrament of Confession is a vital part of our ministry. Confession is therefore available before every Mass, as well as on Monday - Saturday, from 11:30am to 12 noon at the Oratory Church. This is a great means of growing in holiness and converting our city.

Connect with us

If you believe that you are called to our way of life, please get in touch with us. Meeting our community is a very effective way for you to explore if this life is for you.

Get in touch

To enquire about joining our community, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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