Upon the retirement of Dr John Ridgeway-Wood, The Fathers and Brothers of the York Oratory seek to appoint a Director of Music from September 2023 or earlier, to head all aspects of choral conducting and organ-playing within the traditional Roman Catholic liturgy for which the English Oratories are renowned. Though a part-time post, a generous stipend reflects its artistic significance. Additional services, including weddings and funerals, attract extra fees.

The Fathers of the Oratory, since the time of their founder, St Philip Neri, have always valued music as a tool for drawing people into the worship and love of God.

Following the principle that only our best is good enough for God, the Oratory has always promoted beautiful music for the liturgy. We have an ensemble of Choral Scholars that sing at the Latin Missa Cantata and Vespers and Benediction for Sundays and feast days, and an excellent ensemble of volunteers who comprise the Parish Choir, which sings at the 10:30 Mass each Sunday. In the tradition of the English Oratory, our choirs specialize in Catholic sacred music. All our sung Masses incorporate Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony, particularly the great music of the Catholic counter-reformation by composers such as Palestrina, Victoria and Lassus.

For further details, please write The Prefect of Music, Fr Daniel Seward, e-mail: music@yorkoratory.com, Subject: Director of Music vacancy.


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