On Thursday 3rd November the Food Bank opened at St Joseph's Hall for the first time, providing items to 25 people.

Before the doors opened the volunteers joined in prayer, and Fr Daniel blessed the Food Bank and its work.

In the Book of Genesis we read how the patriarch Joseph stored up food against famine, and Pharaoh told the people, “Go to Joseph and do what he tells you.” This command is then fulfilled in Matthew's Gospel, when St Joseph protects and guards the Holy Family, and provides for Our Lady and her Divine Child in their need. St Joseph is the perfect patron then for feeding the hungry and looking after people in all their necessities.

Here is the blessing prayer used on Thursday:

Almighty God, who fill the hungry with good things, and who call us, your servants, to be witnesses of Your compassion, we ask You to bless this hall and the Food Bank for which it will be used. As you led the Patriarch Joseph to save Egypt from famine and to rescue Israel from death, so now lead us to bring Your nourishment and care to the people of this city; and as the glorious Saint Joseph rescued the Divine Infant Jesus from death, and brought Him and the Immaculate Mother of God to a place of safety, so may this place be for many a sign of hope, a place of comfort and an assurance of Your fatherly care. As Saint Joseph watched over the Holy Family with a father’s care, so may he now guide, protect and enlighten us, that all we do here may redound to Your glory, and bring all who come here to know You, that we may all be brought to salvation in Your Son, who is the Bread of Life, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God forever and ever. Amen.


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